Beautiful Bedroom Furniture in Lahore Pakistan

The Bedroom furniture is one of the rooms which is used mostly in any house. It’s where we go to relax and rejuvenate, so it should be a calming space that makes us feel good. When you’re ready to spruce up your room with new furniture, start off by looking at our selection of beautiful pieces that will update your space for less. Crown Furniture has everything from beds and dressers to nightstands and desks-all in different styles and prices!  With every piece being high quality, durable, stylish, AND affordable, there really isn’t much more anyone could ask for.

Of course, the one thing that will make your bedroom stand out is a unique bed. Make sure to select an elegant bed in timeless style or a massive king-sized bed with ornate accents. You can also opt for contemporary and modern bunk beds if you have kids! With so many styles and sizes to choose from, we’re bound to have something that will bring your bedroom decor up a notch.

If you need extra storage space, Crown Furniture also offers dressers and chests of drawers in different shapes and sizes. From sleigh beds to four-posts, these pieces can add a touch of sophistication to any room while giving the necessary storage not only for clothes but for books and other items. Need somewhere to set your alarm clock at night. A chic nightstand is a must-have. With options ranging from retro designs to contemporary pieces, we’re sure we have the perfect table for every taste and style!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for furniture that will help your bedroom become the most relaxing place in your home or something to outfit a guest room, with a stunning selection of bedroom sets, it’s easy to find exactly what you need. From elegant furniture at amazing prices to smart storage solutions, Crown Furniture has everything you could possibly ask for!

The difference between Traditional, Contemporary, and Transitional Style Bedroom Designs

Traditional, contemporary, and transitional style bedroom designs each have their own unique design elements. Traditional bedrooms are typically designed with elaborate wood or metal furniture that has a heavy presence in the room. Contemporary bedrooms on the other hand are usually decorated with sleek furniture made of steel or materials such as leather and glass to add a modern touch to the room. Lastly, transitional bedrooms often contain pieces from both traditional and contemporary styles which is why it’s important for homeowners to find out what they prefer before finalizing their decision on what type of bedroom they want to create in their home.

The transitional style frequently uses pieces from both traditional and contemporary styles which allow homeowners to be more flexible in choosing what furniture is best for their homes. Transitional bedrooms typically contain neutral colors with simple, clean lines that are usually made with natural materials. The contemporary bedroom on the other hand is very trendy and can contain anything from furniture to lighting fixtures that are made of sleek materials such as glass, metal, or plastic.

Traditional bedrooms are typically designed in a way where they have elaborate designs throughout the entire room. Most traditional-style bedrooms include furniture pieces with intricate carvings, intricate metalwork, and elaborate designs made of wood. The design elements in a traditional bedroom can make it feel very heavy and even overbearing. Contemporary bedrooms meanwhile are designed with furniture pieces that have sleek lines and no intricate details which make the room look more spacious and open. Transitional style rooms on the other hand combine the best of both traditional and contemporary styles to create a final look that is trendy yet classic.

Bedroom furniture Price in Pakistan

Bedroom furniture prices in Pakistan can vary wildly. This is because there are so many different types of furniture, materials, and finishes to choose from. Even within one type of bedroom furniture, there are hundreds of styles to choose from. This means that you should be prepared to do some looking around for the best and most competitive prices.

This shouldn’t be too much of a chore if you are looking for one or two pieces of furniture.  For example, an armoire is a piece of bedroom furniture that many people have in their homes. These furniture pieces are available in all sizes and shapes. You can also get an armoire with a mirror, shelves, drawers, or any combination of these amenities. As you can imagine, an armoire is quite versatile. And while the designs are numerous, so are their prices, Consequently, it shouldn’t take you too much effort to find a great price on one or two pieces of bedroom furniture. However, if you are looking for an entire bedroom set, it can be a bit more challenging. The reason is that having matching furniture is important for some people.

Beautiful Bedroom Furniture Price In Pakistan [Updated January 2023]

Latest Design In Beautiful Bedroom Furniture [2023]PriceCategory
Bed Set 01₨160,000.00Bedroom Furniture Set
Bed Set 02₨130,000.00Bedroom Furniture Set
Bed Set 03₨240,000.00Bedroom Furniture Set
Bed Set 04₨190,000.00Bedroom Furniture Set
Bed Set 05₨140,000.00Bedroom Furniture Set
Bed Set 06₨250,000.00Bedroom Furniture Set
Bed Set 07₨220,000.00Bedroom Furniture Set
Bed Set 08₨190,000.00Bedroom Furniture Set
Bed Set 09₨280,000.00Bedroom Furniture Set
Bed Set 10₨160,000.00Bedroom Furniture Set